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Caustic Soda, Lye, Caustic Soda

Caustic Soda Beads 1 Bag to Pallets
Caustic Soda Beads 1 Bag to Pallets
Item# haz_mat_caustic_sodabeads
Bag Quantity and Prices: 

Sodium Hydroxide Beads / Pels

Caustic Soda / Lye

CAS #1310-73-2

For soapmaking, bio-diesel, laboratory uses. Pure Caustic Soda Beads 99+%, Food Grade

1 Pallet = 40 bags

Pick up in Conway AR, arrange shipping, or ship via UPS GROUND we can Ship Motor Freight

We sell top quality Caustic Soda Beads/ Sodium Hydroxide 50 Lb bags at really LOW prices in quantity of 1 bag to pallets.

Additional Steps required for ordering Caustic Soda Beads: Fill out Hazmat Waiver Form. See link below. All orders for sodium hydroxide, and other hazardous materials, regardless of size, require the HAZ MAT Waiver Form to be filled out and faxed or mailed.

SHIPPINGWe must quote shipping. Shipping bags via UPS Ground or FED EX Ground is an additional charge.
  • We need to have the Haz Mat Release form returned.(Below)
  • There is a 29.95 HAZ MAT FEE CHARGED BY UPS AND FEX EX we must collect IN ADDITION to the SHIPPING CHARGE.
  • We need to know the type of address the shipment is being delivered to. (business, residence etc..)

    LTL SHIPPING FOR 4 or more bags to pallets

    LTL Freight is an additional charge.
  • You must return the HAZ MAT RELEASE. Link is Below
  • We need your ZIP code,
  • We must have what type of address you are shipping to - is it a Residence , Farm Shop, business etc... (Typically we ONLY SHIP LTL FREIGHT IN TO A BUSINESS or INDUSTRIAL ADDRESS.)<.i>
  • We need to know if you need ANY additional freight services.for example - DO you need the driver to call for an appointment? Do you need a Lift Gate? Extra freight services, like the call for appointment, and liftgate service, must all be arranged in advance and paid for in advance.
    If you add these services when the truck arrives it is more costly to you and you must pay the additional charges.

    Print this out and return Hazardous Material Waiver Form and Fax to (877) 844-4122 or Email it to with " HAZMAT FORM " in the subject line.

    No orders will be shipped until we have the waiver returned.

    Lye MSDS

    Synonyms: Sodium Hydroxide Beads, Pels,Caustic Soda Lye,Sodium hydrate, soda lye, White Caustic, caustic.

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