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5 Gallon Stackable container

5 Gallon Stackable Container with top
5 Gallon Stackable Container with top
Item# 5gall_Stackable

5 Gallon Stackable plastic jug with lid.

Stackable HDPE containers optimize space utilization for storage and for shipping.

Has an integrated handle, to ensure exceptional strength and durability while interlocking top and bottom designs ensure secure stacking. Vented

Excellent for storing anything from oils, surfactants, glycerin, and even water if you are going on a camping trip.

We use these for storage, and upon request, to ship product in.

If you are buying a liquid product from us - an oil, or glycerin, or a surfactant and want us to ship the product in this style of container rather than the round 5 gallon pail, there is an additional cost of $8.00. Contact us an we will take care of it.

Ships USP Ground

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