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Activated Charcoal Powder 4 Oz or 8 oz

Activated Charcoal Powder 4 Oz
Activated Charcoal Powder 4 Oz
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Activated Charcoal Powder

Top quality, made from high temperature steam process using a renewable resource- various types of renewable hard woods.

Price is for the 4 Ounce size. Add as many as you desire to cart. (Choose 2 for 8 ounce etc.) Price breaks shows up in cart.

Powdered activated Carbon or Activated Charcoal is suited for use in a variety of ways. Often used as a colorant, or additive for soaps and other arts of life.

Uses include: Taste and odor removal, various filtration applications, filtrations of liquids for purity and more. Try as a colorant too - beautiful dark grays and black colors in soaps!

Wood derived, powdered Activated Carbon

Manufactured from reclaimed, high quality, hard wood resources - this activated charcoal carbon powder makes exceptional reuse of a valuable resource. The manufacturing process has limited effects on the environment.

Meets high standards of NSF/ National Sanitary Foundation.

Iodine Value / Number 500 mg/ g min. Mesh Size 325 - 90 % +-

Not for internal use

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