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African Black Soap Alata Soap Ose Dudu

African Black Soap 1 Pound
African Black Soap 1 Pound
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African Black Soap / Alata Soap/ Ose Dudu

Best Quality Direct Import African Black Soap, Produced in Africa and imported direct. Best Quality at Wholesale prices.

(This is not a melt and pour soap base. Do not heat it. It will damage the soap.) If you want to mold it- moisten it and press off chunks in to hard soap molds ( we like to use rectangular, square, and oval.

You'll enjoy pure African Soap

Shipped fresh.

Discover the secret of African Black Soap.

Gaining popularity due to it being all natural - plus - IT WORKS! Excellent for all skin types!

Produced from a blend of saponified fruit, seed, and nut oils and then enriched with tea tree oil.

African Black Soap is known for its all natural cleaning, and healthful benefits! It is reported it is anti-bacterial.

1 Pound Price of 8.25 Add as many to cart as you desire. Direct Wholesale Price.

Recommended for all skin types.

Appearance: Variable brown tones

Origin: Made by women and children of a Ghana, West African Farmers Coop

Ingredients will vary slightly in amounts since this is an all natural product). Ingredients: Palm Kernal Oil, plantain, shea butter, osun (camwood), cocoa pod ash, palm bunch ash, aloe vera, lemon or lime juice, water

Use as is - or slightly moisten and mold and form as you desire.

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