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Bath Bomb kit to make about 36 Bath Bombs

Bath Bomb Kit makes 30 Bath Bombs
Bath Bomb Kit makes 30 Bath Bombs
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Make Your own Bath Bombs!
Make bathbombs! For Gifts, for resale!

You'll love making your  own Bath Bombs. They are Easy to make, and so popular. 

You'll receive enough to make about 30 to 32 fizzy bath bombs:

* The exact number of bath bombs you make with the kit will be determined by  how they are packed. More details are in the instructions.

2 easy to use bath bomb molds.

Citric Acid

Sodium Bicarbonate USP # 1 Church and Dwight

SLSa / Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate powder surfactant * For the best foam ever

Corn starch

Cream of tartar

Almond Oil

Shea butter

Fragrance oil - Lavender 

Shrink Wrap to package them. 

Instruction Sheet with details on how to make the best bath bombs for you, your family and friends. 

Be Inspired!
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