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Lakes And Dyes
Lakes And Dyes

Lakes And Dyes

We offer many Lakes and Dyes, most are Batch Certified. Most colors for products you sell may be regulated by the FDA. Colors that go in to soaps are typically not. We do offer both types of colors, Soap colors, as well as colors that are "batch Certified" for use in products listed as cosmetics. that are typically made to re-sell.
It may be helpful to have basic information to understand regulations covering product(s) you make to sell.
Here are a few links to FDA regulations for your review. As you look through colorants check the INCI ingredients listed and review information in FDA regulations. Sometimes, like in the case of silica for example, things might be unclear. something like silica or talc used as an additive to keep an ingredient or color free flowing may be covered in other regulations. If you have questions or comments about products (not regulations) email us at contact@thechemistryconnection.com we can not answer questions about FDA regulations.
List of products many people inquire about info.

Color additives permitted for use in cosmetics

colors that are ok in cosmetics, need batch certification, or do not need batch certification are here

companies that have requested color certifications in last two years (you can see we are on the list as chemistry connection. check for your other vendors too.

It is up to the formulator/ seller of the finished goods to know regulations covering products they sell. Become familiar with them. There are many helpful books, but knowing where to check directly is helpful too since published information in a book or article may become outdated. There may be state or local ordinances these regulations do not cover. Our links are just a start. if you need help always consult a specialist or the regulatory agency to get up to date, correct information.

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