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Beet Powder Beta vulgaris L. 1 Lb

Beet Powder 1 Lb
Beet Powder 1 Lb
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Beet Powder

1 Lb

Botanical Name: Beta vulgaris L.

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Beet Powder is a very versatile product, and reported to have many healthful benefits. And it's often used as a natural colorant.

Our top quality beet powder is only made from the red, fleshy root portion of the beet plant, after the root hairs and green tops have been removed.

1 Lb of beet powder re-hydrated is approximately equal to 9 pounds of fresh, unprepared beets.

1 Lb of beet powder re-hydrates to 5 lbs. net, which is equivalent to 8-9 lbs. of fresh, unprepared beets. Use approximately 1/3 cup water to re-hydrate 2 Tablespoons of product. Re-hydration is virtually instantaneous in hot or boiling water.

Suggested Uses: Used as a truly all natural colorant.And in addition to color - if you use this to color soap it is reported to impart good health benefits to the soap. Typically used in many melt and pour soaps. Experiment and test first.

Organic: Organic and Kosher

As this is a natural product, sometimes the color may vary slightly from lot to lot.

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