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Beeswax White Beads 5 Lb

Beeswax Pastilles White 5 Lb
Beeswax Pastilles White 5 Lb
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A Pure Premium Formulary Grade Beeswax for consistent results.

The best wax for all of your beeswax applications. Our pure, filtered premium white beeswax pastilles and beads come ready for you to use in your favorite lotions, salves, ointments, creams, cosmetics, rouge, lip balms, candles and more.

Usage Suggestions:
  • Deodorant Bars- 28 - 45%
  • Lip balms and ointments: 10 - 25%
  • Lotion Bars: 30- 40%

    A Perfect all natural addition to your line of homemade products!

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