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Boric Acid Powder 1 Lb

Boric Acid Powder 1 Lb
Boric Acid Powder 1 Lb
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H3BO3 CAS # 10043-35-3

Optibor TP type Boric Powder

Boric Acid powder has many, various uses, including
  • Cleaning
  • Pottery Glaze
  • Reported to help Eliminate molds, mildews,
  • Used in conjunction with Beeswax and other ingredients in lotions and creams. Hardening Steel
  • Many people report using a mixture of boric acid and either vinegar or rubbing alcohol for swimmer's ear (One suggested recipe 1 T. boric acid, 4 oz. distilled water,1 Tsp. vinegar or alcohol. Drop in ears after swimming to destroy any fungus swimming may have caused. )
  • Electroplating Baths
  • Borates are an important and very useful product. Boric acid and other borates like borax have less toxicity than aspirin or table salt and can perform a wide variety of functions. Research your application, read safety data to make your own determination.

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