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Canola Oil 35 Lb Value pack

Canola Oil 35 Lb Value pack
Canola Oil 35 Lb Value pack
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Canola Oil

Expeller expressed, food grade pure Canola Oil.

Perfect for food use - salad oil / dressing or soapmaking.

In Soap Making Canola has a lower amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which results in soap that will saponifiy slowly (excellent way to slow down the process to create patterns, etc) and will be softer. It is typically used to replace some of the more expensive oils. Typically Canola Oil should be kept 15% or below, of the total oil mix.

SAP Values for Soapmaking KOH .187 and NaOH .133

Shipped in a 5 of our 1 gallon, food grade, metal cans.

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