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Castor Oil

Castor Oil  Quart
Castor Oil Quart
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INCI Name: Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil

CAS# 8001-79-4

Castor oil is used to make soaps , lotions, bath salts, and has many other home uses.

For compounding of soaps , lotions, bath salts, and other home uses.

1 Quart bottle

CASTOR OIL has many and varied uses. Uses for this renewable, bio-degradable and eco-friendly product are:

Externally for itches and other skin irritations; in lotions and salves. Castor Oil is a natural emollient and can be applied to the skin and hair as a softener.(keep away from eyes!)

Soapmaking - Check your superfatting chart. Sometimes using castor oil will require more sodium hydroxide since it has a high ricinoleic acid content. In softer products, like shampoo bars and skin-care products it is excellent. Without using other oils, it produces a transparent soft soap. In combination with over vegetable oils, however, it makes a very nice moisturizing and wonderfully emollient, hard bar of soap.

In the yard, use castor oil to get rid of Moles. Blend it in with our all natural corn based surfactant, Decyl Glucoside, and spray in the mole holes in your yard to rid it of those pesky critters.

Blend in 1 tablespoon of pure Decyl Glucoside with 12- 14 Oz of Pure Castor Oil and put it in your hose end sprayer. For a pump type sprayer add 1 Oz of Decyl Glucoside surfactant to every 32 Oz of Castor oil and then the balance of water up to 2 gallons to treat the mole holes. Spray at least half a gallon in and around the holes. Retreat as necessary. * In tougher situations try adding 2 Oz of natural NEEM OIL to the blend. This will also help with other pesky insects too.

Other uses: Castor Oil is a a good mold release. Blend with ethyl alcohol or odorless mineral spirits as a mold release for concrete in silicone molds (test first)

Other specifications:

  • Acid Value : 2.0

  • Max Saponification Value : .180 (KOH) .128 (NaOH)

  • Hydroxyl Value : 60 Min

  • Iodine Value : 82 - 90

  • Moisture & Volatiles, % : 0.25 Max.


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