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Castor Oil Turkey Red (Sulfated) 1 Gallon

Castor Oil Turkey Red (Sulfated) 1 Gallon
Castor Oil Turkey Red (Sulfated) 1 Gallon
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Castor Oil Turkey Red (Sulfated)

Sulfated Castor oil is also known as Turkey Red, is popular because it completely disperses in water. This is a useful benefit when making bath products, like lotions, creams, bath bombs, and natural soaps,etc It is also great for completely dispersing bath oils Plus it has all of the same humectant and moisturizing properties of a cosmetic grade Castor Oil but in a water soluble form.

1 Gallon Sulfated Castor oil / Turkey Red. If you buy 4, a case, you will receive a case of 4 gallon sizes (7 Lb each) and the discount / price break will show up in cart.

Did you know that castor Oil is one of the oldest,most versatile products in use today? Its use goes back to ancient Egypt. It has been found in tombs over 4,000 years old. There are other documented uses of castor oil in China and India, dating back thousands of years. In the Netherlands, it was called “Wonder Oil” and was thought to be a cure for a multitude of ailments. It is a natural product, made from the beans of the castor plant which can be grown in any tropical region. The world's largest producer of castor oil is India, with China and Brazil being a far-distant second and third place.

Although Castor Oil still has medicinal uses today, it has a wide variety of applications as a cosmetic ingredient, an industrial chemical and a specialty chemical. As a natural polyol, it is used in an increasing number of specialty applications, replacing traditional petroleum based polyols. Another advantage of Castor Oil is that it is not a food oil, meaning it is not subject to the controversies that can arise with other oils.

This is the SULFATED CASTOR OIL, 1 Gallon (7 Lb) . Also known as "TURKEY RED " CASTOR OIL . Turkey Red castor oil is a sulfated castror oil which is hydrotreated with sulfuric acid to make the castor oil water so it will completely disperse with water.


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