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Calcium Sulfate

Calcium Sulfate 2 Lb
Calcium Sulfate 2 Lb
Item# clciumsulfate2Lb

Pure Calcium sulfate powder (hydrous) food grade, has a wide variety of uses. Calcium sulfate is used in some pharmaceuticals, in brewing beer, and in baking.

Calcium sulfate in beer brewing is often used to:
  • Increase the permanent hardness of water as it lowers the mash pH (typically when distilled water is used)
  • Add sulfate "crispness" to the hop bitterness
  • Approximate Usage: (test first)
  • Typically 17 gm/hl will increase calcium content by 50 mg/liter

    Calcium sulfate also has thickening properties, and is used in canned vegetables and preservatives.

    Outside of consumables, calcium sulfate's thickening elements have also been known to be used in dental plaster and specialty cement.

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