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ChemConx Sepgel 305 16 Oz
for making all kinds of lotions, creams, body butters and more.

CC Sepgel 305 16 Oz
CC Sepgel 305 16 Oz
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Our ChemConx Sepgel 305 is a unique blend of specialty polyacrylamide based emulsion and rheology modifier that allows you to easily create oil free emulsions, and O/W lotions, creams, and and even thick body butter bases without the need for neutralizing any ingredients, or pre-mixing anything. With the CC Sepgel 305 there's no reason to use any specialty high sheer mixers either. No heating either- so you can make all kinds of new products using cold process methods, and your actives, vitamins, botanical extracts may perform better, and look better in the formulation too.

ChemConx Sepgel 305 will have you making all kinds of light, oil free, fast breaking lotions and skincare treatments. It works well making products for any skin type too. The CC Sepgel 301 absorbs well too.

Our CC Sepgel 305 is very efficient too. At just 2 percent it will help you formulate affordable, perfect lotions with great feel and thickness. Use at just 3% to create thicker creams, and at 5% make luxurious, non greasy body butters and heavier lotions very easily. *When formulating with CC Sepgel 305 use rapid agitation to thoroughly disperse CC Sepgel 305 throughout your formulation / emulsion for a nice , creamy, gel-like consistency. Viscosity will increase almost instantly.

CC Sepgel 305 can easily thicken, and emulsify. all types of oil phases without heating (completely cold process, thereby preserving the benefits of fragile actives, vitamins, and botanical extracts), producing gel-creams with a rich, silky texture that are easy to apply and rapidly absorbed by the skin.

It will emulsify dimethicone, cyclomethicone, PEG-8, IPM, and even high levels of glycerin. You can even use it to emulsify anhydrous liquids like acetone (make a gelled nail polish remover), alcohols (create gelled cologne aftershaves and lady's after shave leg moisturizers), and glycerin (for gentle lubrication gels).

Works over a wide variety of pH spectrum.

Use it to enhance your existing formulations you like by just adding it to your normal lotion or cream formulation. Typically added after mixing oil and water phases to modify stability and enhance rheology.

Appearance: Viscous, milky, Liquid.

Shake well before use

Shelf Life 12 months if stored in tightly closed container at ambient temperature

INCI: Polyacrylamide (and) C13-14 Isoparaffin (and) Laureth-7

Also known as Sepigel 305

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