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Cetyl Alcohol 50 Lb Bag

Cetyl Alcohol 50 Lb Bag
Cetyl Alcohol 50 Lb Bag
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Cetyl Alcohol

50 Lb

Appearance: White pastille

Non-gelling thickener, co-emulsifier if concentration >5 %, viscosity & consistency enhancer (also in waterless products like lipsticks), emollient, moisturizer (attracts moisture), and has some foam boosting in water based formulations.

Cetyl Alcohol is used in formulations to make all kinds of creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioning agent , hair conditioners. In creams and lotions it improves feel and texture, while also thickening and adding body. In shampoos and conditioners it adds texture and smoothing and feel to the product, and helps with improving wet comb out. In body body washes it adds nice feel to the product while also adding body and thickening.

Make oil in water and water in oil products

Derived from vegetable oils,with greater than 95 %, composed of fatty alcohols.

CAS # 3653-82-4

INCI Name: Cetyl alcohol

Also known as 1-hexadecanol and palmityl alcohol, is a fatty alcohol with the formula CH315OH. At room temperature, cetyl alcohol takes the form of a waxy white solid or pastille .

Formula: C16H34O

Melting point: 120.2 F (49 C)

Boiling point: 651.2 F (344 C)

Molar mass: 242.44 g/mol

Density: 811.00 kg/m

IUPAC ID: Hexadecan-1-ol

White flake with a typical faint odor.

Cetyl Alcohol is soluble in both water & alcohol.

Typically the Cetyl alcohol is melted prior to use. And the typical concentration is 0.5-6%.

In makeup products like lotions, hair conditioners, lipsticks, and other non water based products, it adds emolliency and consistency.

Cetyl Alcohol is often used as an easy to use and natural thickener / rheology modifier to improve the texture of a formula containing an oil phase.

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