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Cetearyl Alcohol All Sizes

Cetearyl Alcohol All Sizes
30/ 70 Type Blend cetearyl alcohol

Cetearyl Alcohol NF is a great multil-purpose, vegetable derived stabilizer, and thickening agent for making all kinds of lotions and creams, body butters and more. It is very useful in making a wide variety of anhydrous formulations, the water-in-oil emulsions, and oil-in-water emulsions.

  • Compositional Breakdown: 30% Cetyl Alcohol and 70% Stearyl Alcohol also known as Cetyl-Steryl Alcohol 30:70
  • Typical Use level: 1-25%.
  • Appearance: White Flakes
  • Characteristic mild Odor
  • HLB: 15.5
  • Not soluble in water. Partially soluble in alcohol.

  • Products

    Cetearyl Alcohol 8 Oz
    Cetearyl Alcohol 8 Oz
    Cetearyl Alcohol NF 16 Oz

    Cetearyl Alcohol 5 Lb
    Cetearyl Alcohol 5 Lb
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