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Cetiol G 16S Emollient for cosmetics 8 Oz

Cetiol G16S Emollient for cosmetics 8 Oz
Cetiol G16S Emollient for cosmetics 8 Oz
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Cetiol G 16S Emollient for cosmetics

8 Oz

(INCI:) Eutanol Hexyldecyl Stearate

For your cosmetic formulating needs.

Eutanol G16S (Hexyldecyl Stearate) is a slow spreading, saturated emollient offering a rich conditioning skin feel

Emollients are used in almost all types of cosmetic formulations. They give the formulation sensory properties and improve the condition of the skin after application.

They significantly help to protect, care for and smooth the skin.

Emollients can be used to replace the skinís natural lipids, and acting as a substituting agent. Within the formulation, they also serve as solubilizers for active substances, UV-filters or as dispersing agents for insoluble materials, such as pigments.

While fast spreading emollients leave the skin feeling distinctly smooth immediately after application, slow-spreading emollients leave a longer-lasting but more subtle feeling of smoothness.

Often used in the place of silicones like dimethicone and other additives. But adds other properties as well.

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