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Citric Acid Fine 1 Lb

Citric Acid Fine 1 Lb
Citric Acid Fine 1 Lb
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Citric Acid The very top grade of fine, free flowing citric acid for all of your top citric acid uses and applications

Our Citric Acid, Free Flowing Fine is always the very best quality, a top value. We ship direct to you from SaveOnCitric.

To make the very best products, from bath bombs, to soaps, even when adjusting the pH in your shampoo or body wash, you will want to have the best freeflowing citric acid. Not the cheapest. Our top quality fine, free flowing Citric is used in all kinds of projects, crafts and foods. Use citric to adjust pH , increase acidity, use to safely clean, or use in crafts and candymaking. Sour Salt is another name of Citric Acid.

Purchase all that you need at this great price! An exceptional value.

Soaps: Citric acid chelates metals in water and gives soap better performance.

With Citric, cleansers produce lather and work better without need for as much water softening (salt, soda ash etc..).

In Fizzies and Bath Bombs: Combine with sodium bicarb / baking soda to make fizzy bombs for your bath.

In Candy making, Citric Acid provides a sour taste.

Top Selling Fine Granular Citric Acid.


Top Quality Citric Acid from top supplier.

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Not DOT Regulated in any amount.

This is known by more names than just Citric Acid - Also known as Lemon Salt, Citric, 2-Hydroxy-1,2,3-propanetricarboxylic acid. Chemical Formula: C6H8O7

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