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Citric Acid fine 10 Lb

Citric Acid Fine  10 Lb
Citric Acid Fine 10 Lb
Item# citric-acid-10Lb

Our top selling fine Citric acid is sold nation wide for all kinds of uses from bath bombs, to adjusting the pH in water for processing aids, to using in scaling corrosion. We only sell one kind of citric acid - the very best fine granular and free flowing. And when you buy citric acid from SaveonCitric.com you will know it is the best quality at the very best value. we ship pallets of our fine and free flowing citric acid out every day to companies that have tried to save money buying cheap citric acid and in the short run and in the long term they find they do not save money buying cheap citric that they can not use. We guarantee that when our citric acid arrives you will open up the bags and be pleased.

We do not buy cheap citric acid or sell cheap citric acid - or any other ingredient either.

Citric Acid is a very mild acid useful in many so ways. Many use it as a mild acid to work with Sodium Bicarbonate to create a fizzy reaction in bath bombs. Many use is as a mild cleaner when diluted in water, or use it as a pH adjuster in commercial uses, in the lab, and in food and beverages.

Perfect for use anywhere you need a top grade, very fine granular citric acid.

Besides being the choice citric for Bath Bombs, Bath fizzies, our fine, free flowing citric acid, is also perfect for:

  • pH adjustments of soap bases and more.

  • Craft making,

  • Candymaking (sour Salt)

  • Soaps and cleaners - Citric acid helps clean, plus helps chelate metals in hard water. ( With Citric, cleansers produce lather and work better without need for as much water softening)

    10 Lb Special

    Our citric acid is top quality. Trusted supplier of all types of chemicals online for over 15 years.

    We sell all sizes of Citric Acid - from 1 Lb to 50 Lb bags, to 2,000 Lb pallets at the best competitive prices

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