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Citric Acid Fine, Free Flowing 25 Lb

Citric Acid Fine 25 Lb
Citric Acid Fine 25 Lb
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Citric Acid fine with confidence at wholesale prices from SaveonCitric! Best Quality and always the best material, always free flowing not rock hard cheap citric acid. SaveonCitric only sells the best at the best prices always

Citric Acid fine granular, is used in so many ways. And, if you are looking for the perfect granular size and grade for bath bombs and other bath fizzy products- this is it. No grinding!

25 Lb Value

Citric acid, a very mild acid, is perfect for so many applications and uses.

  • Citric acid helps chelate metals in hard water.

  • With Citric, cleansers produce lather and work better.

  • Citric provides a sour taste. Citric is also called Sour Salt.

  • Citric Acid is perfect for your pool care Make a paste and remove stains from your swimming pool liner and fiberglass pools (TEST FIRST!)

  • Citric Acid is a great Tile Cleaner ~ Prepare 1 cup of Citric Acid with 3 cups of water in a bowl. Stir until completely dissolved. Apply to tile with a scrub brush. Rinse clean. Dirty, stained Tile will once again be beautiful and shiny bright!

  • pH adjustments of shampoo and body wash formulations and much More!

    25 Lb Size

    Citric acid packed and shipped to you for craftmaking, candymaking pH adjustment of shampoo bases & more!

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