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Coconut oil 76 deg 5 gallon pail

Coconut Oil 76 degree 5 gallon paIL
Coconut Oil 76 degree 5 gallon paIL
Item# coconutoil76_5gall

Coconut Oil 76 DEGREE Melt Point is a widely used, popular oil derived from coconut, used in soap making, lotions, creams and many more formulations and recipes The INCI Name is Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

Coconut oil is harvested from the meat of matured coconuts. Our Coconut oil is refined without the use of chemical solvents and is suitable for soap making. It is also suitable for human consumption.

It is a very stable oil and resistant to rancidity. Should last approximately 2 years if stored properly in a cool, dark location.

in soap Coconut oil produces a fluffy, bubbly lather in your soap bars. It produces a nice, hard, longer lasting bar, plus it offers great cleansing properties.



KOH is .252

NAOh is .178

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