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Fractionated MCT Oil 16 oz

Fractionated MCT Oil 1 Lb
Fractionated MCT Oil 1 Lb
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Fractionated MCT Oil Medium Chain Triglyceride oil, Fractionated 60-40 , has a high percentage of shorter length (C8, C10 ), completely saturated (no double bonds) triglycerides. The smaller fatty acid triglycerides are separated from the whole coconut oil to give us the coconut oil known as "Fractionated Coconut Oil." The separation process is not a chemical process so it has no chemical traces when fractionated.

Fractionated oils have a much longer, nearly indefinite shelf life. And the fractionated MCT oil is a good choice for cooking, taking for the health benefits, for use with essential oils. It is can be used with other therapeutic oils too. Great for making creams, lotions, bath oils, bath salts, cooking, nutrition and even soapmaking.

Known as Fractionated MCT Oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides 60-40 oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride Viscosity 40 Deg. C:

cSt ASTM D445-94 = 14.95

Color: Clear

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