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Coco Sulfate noodle 1 Lb

Coco Sulfate (Noodle) Surfactant 1 Lb
Coco Sulfate (Noodle) Surfactant 1 Lb
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Sodium Coco Sulfate Coconut derived foaming surfactant in a large noodle form

A great all natural Coconut derived Surfactant. Sodium Coco Sulfate is a solid, high active, anionic surfactant in a unique noodle form.

This versatile product is excellent for use as the primary foamer in topical personal cleansing products and shave creams.

Sodium coco sulfate will make your cleansers have a typically denser and creamier foam and may be translucent rather than clear. Made with Cocos Nucifera, pure Coconut Oil feedstock.

Large noodle variety of Coco Sulfate, often used to give a unique look to your lotion bars, soaps (try a little in a clear melt and pour ) and more! Many use it as is and others like to grind it to other particle sizes. A versatile product.

Typical applications:
  • Facial Cleansers
  • Shaving Products
  • Bubble Bars and Bath Bombs
  • Shampoos, Shower Gels, Body Washes
  • Liquid Hand Soaps

  • INCI: Sodium Coco Sulfate

    Top Quality, all natural surfactant - Excellent for your soaps, skin care products, bath products. Anywhere you need an all around gentle surfactant.

    Looks great in the needle form if you put in to soap bars too!

    1 Lb

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