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Decyl Glucoside Surfactant 1 Gallon

Decyl Glucoside Surfactant 1 Gallon
Decyl Glucoside Surfactant 1 Gallon
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Decyl Glucoside 1 Gallon

Decyl Glucoside, is a premium surfactant derived from natural and renewable resources, for compounding of all types of top quality and top performing soaps, shampoos , body washes, and high quality detergent items.

Decyl Glucoside is a fatty polyglycoside prepared by reacting cornstarch glucose with Natural fatty alcohol. Decyl Glucoside is a natural nonionic surfactant.

Decyl Glucoside is highly recommended for use in shampoos, shower gels, bubble baths, hand and face cleansers, and other applications where mildness and cleansing performance are required. It contains no solvents or hydrotropes and is easily formulated in personal care products. Being nonionic, Decyl Glucoside is compatible with cationic surfactants and polymers, and is recommended for conditioning shampoo formulations. Due to its natural chemistry, decyl glucoside is very mild and low in toxicity.

More advantages:
  • Made from 100% natural, renewable, plant-derived feedstocks
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Excellent foaming capacity and cleansing properties
  • Stable even in low pH applications
  • Gentle and effective proven mildness
  • Free of sulfates, preservatives, and EO
  • Compatible with various surfactants
  • Flexible and multi-functional

    INCI: Decyl Glucoside

    CAS: (Blend ) 68515-73-1 and 110615-47-9

    Decyl Glucoside is considered to be one of the best new generation surfactants. In the EU where there are heavy restrictions in place regarding cleanser ingredients, the demand for the alkyl polyglucosides has increased dramatically since they are so versatile and useful for making high quality, good foaming, and top erforming ceansers in a wide range of applications.

    Polyglucoses exhibit the mildness traits of nonionics, with the foam of an anionic. It is this unique characteristic that enables it to be utilized as both the primary & co-surfactant in formulations.

    Many companies with a natural focus to their formulations are now turning to decyl glucoside as their primary go-to surfactant. In many cases only, surfactant. It is so mild that it does not require blending with any of the mildness additives. Plus It provides excellent foaming and is easy to formulate with. And it is biodegradable too!

    Want to rid your formulations of irritating sodium lauryl sufate (SLS)? Do you want cleansing foam, and performance, but want a truly green product is 100% biodegradeable? Try it!

    A great nonionic mild surfactant.


    * Facial Cleansers (just 2 to 4% in water. Add some Xanthan to thicken!)

    * Body washes,

    * Hand soaps

    * Shampoos

    * Bubble baths,

    * Cleansing lotions & creams,

    * Hair conditioners & cream rinses.

    * Other cleaners

    * Wash off , natural Veggie washes

    * More!

    Take a look at the ingredients in top quality shampoos, body washes, shower gels, facial cleansers, natural cleaners, laundry soaps- they often contain decyl glucoside as either a primary or secondary ingredient. This product works well with other actives and will not fall out. In your formulations!

    Decyl Glucoside does not contain any impurities like many other surfactants. Its chemical nature and the production process results in a surfactant without ethylene oxide or 1,4-dioxane and is suitable for baby, and pet, products.

    Some formulating hints -

    When mixing - mix into the formulation to prevent excessive foam.

    Shipped UPS Groung or FEDEX Ground typically. Shipped in a 1 Gallon Natural HDPE container. Don't gforget your 1 gallon jug pump. Excellent values on jug pumps.

    Also Known As: Decyl Glucoside, Polyglucose or Polyglucoside , Decyl Polyglucose ,Decyl Polyglucoside, Decyl glycoside, aka Cognis Plantaren 2000, Plantapon N2000 , Plantaren 2000, Plantaren 2000 NUP, Mackam DG,Glucopon

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