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Dendritic Salt 50 Lb Bag

Dendritic Salt 50 Lb
Dendritic Salt 50 Lb
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Dendritic Salt

50 Lb Value

Because of its fine grain, it absorbs essential & fragrance oils twice as efficiently as other salts, it is used in bath salt blends, scrubs and more!

In addition to its absorption qualities (to help fragrances last longer) , it can help prevent caking.

For fragrance uses - the recommended proportional usage is 1/2 cup of dendritic salt to every 8-10 cups of other salts used. Blend your fragrances in first, with the dendritic salts, and then add this mixture to your other salts.

Try dendritic salt and see what you think. You will be pleased.

Dendritic Star Flake

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