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DMDM Hydantoin 40 Lb Pail

DMDM Hydantoin 40 Lb
DMDM Hydantoin 40 Lb
Item# dmdmhydant-40lb
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DMDM Hydantoin 40 Lb
DMDM Hydantoin is a widely used Broadspectrum liquid preservative for many applications, including cosmetic purposes

DMDM Hydantoin is an easy to use effective liquid preservative system used in a wide variety of formulations due to its broad spectrum preservative properties. Whether you are making shampoos, hand soaps, face creams, sunscreens , lotions, DMDM Hydantoin may be the perfect use for your applications.

INCI: DMDM Hydantoin

CAS: 6440 58 0

Also known as: INCI DMDM Hydantoin, Trade names - Mackstat DM, Lonza Glydant , and other similar products. 55% Active Liquid. INCI Name: DMDM Hydantoin

Properties and Specifications :
  • Appearance Clear liquid
  • Free HCHO %: 2.0 Maximum
  • Total HCHO %: 17.0-19.0
  • pH (as is): 6.5-7.5 Specific gravity @ 25C 1.150-1.158
  • % Active 54.90 - 58.0
  • % Purified Water 42.0 - 45.0

  • 40 Lb shipped in 5 gallon pail with easy pour spout

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