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Eggplant Purple Mica 1 oz

Eggplant Purple Mica 1 oz
Item# eggplantpplmica1

You'll go in to a crazy haze daze over our new Eggplant Purple Mica, a unique, and very purple-y Eggplant Purple Mica is a super deep purple mica. It does it all - it is cosmetic grade, Ok for use around lips, and eyes, works well in soaps, and great for nail colors too. Get lost in the shimmery, purpleness where ever you use it.

Eggplant Purple is a perfect shade for coloring all your favorite projects and creations and a great addition to your colorant arsenal - it is easy to use and very versatile. A cosmetic grade, deep purple with a shimmer.

Made of mica manganese violet and mica flakes coated with rutile titanium dioxide, the eggplant purple mica will have a shimmery almost glossy purple and vibrant sheen in the powder form . The light absorbing particles are made to bond and form with the beautiful pigment directly. Silver sparkles can be seen in the reflection at an angle in this unique vibrant color.

Try blending our Eggplant Purple Mica with our other micas to invent your own unique shades and colors.

Starting Concentrations to be used vary on the formulation you are blending.

Art, Ceramics - 1% to 100%

Hair Spray, Shampoo, Perfume 0.1-10.0%

Body Lotions & Creams 1.0-5.0% Soaps 1.0-7.0% (experiment with different processes) * This purple mica will appear pastel and less vibrant in opaque melt and pour soap bases. Vanishing Cream 2.0-5.0% Blush & Foundation 2.0-10.0% Makeup Powders 5.0-10.0% Lipstick & Lip gloss 5.0-10.0% Eyeshadow Pencils & Eyeliner Pens 2.0-15.0% Nail Polish 2.0-20.0% Eyeshadow 10.0-40.0%

* Color will change when used in products with high pH

INCI: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Manganese Violet

Average Particle Size 10- 60 μm

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