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FD & C BLUE No 1 Powder Dye 1 Lb

FD & C Blue No. 1 Powder 1 Lb
FD & C Blue No. 1 Powder 1 Lb
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FD & C BLUE No 1 Powder Dye batch certified is a vibrant, and highly concentrated Blue dye powder. Blue No. 1 Powder, is a popular dye that creates all kinds of shades and hues of blue, starting with the classic Blue colorant known as "Brilliant Blue." Blue No 1 is widely used in a wide variety of applications and products - from art, to food, to mouthwash, and cosmetics to dying textiles

Many uses, like using it as a dye for textiles, may not always come under the jurisdiction of the FDA. However many uses of FD & C Blue No. 1 will fall under FDA regulations. If you are using the product in Food, Drugs, or Cosmetics, then you will need to familiarize yourself with all the FDA regulations for colors, and use them accordingly in your product(s).

This concentrated Blue #1 Powder dye is certified for use in Food, Drugs & Cosmetics , in amounts consistent with current regulations and Good Manufacturing Practice. In Drugs & Cosmetics - colorants are approved for use including those intended for use in the area of the eye.

1 Lb

Color: Colors will vary depending on the amount you use. Our color representation on the website will also vary depending on your monitor settings. This FD & C Blue No 1 Powder is a highly concentrated dye and produces a well known classic deep blue typically known as Brilliant Blue. Shades vary depending on the amount of dye used. Experiment with different concentrations, and blends with other colorants to get just the color you desire.

Physical Form: Blue Powder (Dyes in powder form have a completely different look than when dispersed in water )

Storage: Always keep product stored in air tight containers away from humidity, and at room temperature.

Shelf Life: Indefinite if stored properly in a sealed airtight container.

Our Dyes are very concentrated. Blue # 1 Concentrated Powder Dye is over 90%. A little goes a LONG WAY.

We suggest you protect hands using latex or nitrile gloves, and protect the surfaces you are working on, as these colors are very concentrated and will stain counter tops, wood, clothing. Using too much dye than necessary may cause staining while manufacturing and when final product is used. Always test to use the optimal amount.

Always test your final product to insure optimal performance with no staining. We suggest keeping a retained sample to ensure optimal long term quality and shelf life and for later comparisons

FDA Batch Certification information: Chemistry Connection, of Conway Arkansas, the owner and operator of Saveoncitric.com was certified by the FDA to repack certified and approved colorants.We receive the certification after registering our company, then submit approved colorants for repacking. The FDA sends us back approvals after they examine samples submitted. We are issued Lot and Batch Numbers. When you receive your colors, the FDA lot numbers and related batch numbers along with our date stamp and time stamp will be on the containers, and have related paperwork included.

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