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Fluorescent Blue 1 Oz

Fluorescent Blue 1 Oz
Fluorescent Blue 1 Oz
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Fluorescent Blue ! A vibrant and electric Blue, also called Neon Blue.

Skin Safe and perfect as a soap colorant! Great in all kinds of soaps - from melt and pour to cold and hot process.

In comparison to normal colors, these florescent colors pop because they are much brighter and more noticeable than their counterparts. These work great alone or even to enhance other colors to create newer and brighter shade possibilities.

Our colorants are perfect for blending and work amazing with other pigments and dyes, as well as provide great colors and effects on their own!

Concentrations to be used will vary on the formulation you are trying to make.

INCI Polyester-3- Ultramarine Blue

Neon Eye Popping Blue

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