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Cocamide DEA 1 Gallon

Cocamide DEA Foam Booster 1 Gallon
Cocamide DEA Foam Booster 1 Gallon
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Foam Booster and Stabilizer Cocoamide DEA is a nonionic Surfactant Foam Booster, Viscosity builder, and foam stabilizer. Used in a wide variety of applications and formulations. Used in hard surface cleaners, car washes, body washes and shampoos and more.

A 2:1 Amide non ionic foam booster, viscosity builder.

CAS: 68603-42-9

Synonyms: Ninol 40 CO, Calamide CW 100, Mackamide CD 8, CAS 68603-42-9. 2:1 Cocamide DEA, cocamide diethanolamine

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