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Fragrance Sample Pack 2 Oz each of our top selling fragrances, You choose 4 from lists

Fragrance Oil Sample Pack Pick 4
Fragrance Oil Sample Pack Pick 4
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Fragrance Samples Pack

4 selections, of 2 Oz Bottles. You choose the fragrance oils

You'll love our new 4 pack of our most popular and best selling Fragrance oils. You get to choose 4 of our most popular fragrance oils from the lists, and receive 2 Oz bottles of each fragrance selected.

This is an easy way to try these great oils! And it's a really good value on our most popular fragrances! All 4 are 2 ounce bottles! So it's enough to try in your favorite soaps, lotions and bath bombs.

You choose! There are 4 lists of fragrances to choose from using the selection buttons. You select one fragrance from each of the 4 lists. There are duplications in each list so you can have a wider range of choices of the more popular fragrance oils.
You can only choose different fragrances.  You may not choose more than one sample of each fragrance. For example, you may not select 2 Lovespell or 3 Avobath type fragrance oils.(The exception is if you purchase more than one set of course)

You will receive 4, 2 ounce bottles / 1 bottle for each fragrance selected in the pull down menus.

If you choose the same fragrance twice, we will select a random sample for you in place of the duplicate(s).

We will not cancel the sale or refund money if you choose more than one of a type of fragrance oil and we send you our selection in place of the duplicate(s) selected.
Chemistry Connection has no affiliation with any particular brand, or trademarked brand product. All names that are trademarked are owned by other companies and have no connection to our company. We are selling "dupe" Type fragrance oils that are our interpretations only

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