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Ginger and Peach Fragrance Oil 4 Oz

Ginger and Peach Fragrance Oil 4 Oz
Ginger and Peach Fragrance Oil 4 Oz
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Ginger and Peach Fragrance Oil

A long time customer favorite!

Our top selling Ginger Peach Fragrance Oil, a long time Favorite!

Ginger with a hint of peach, Some say it's peach with a hint of Ginger. But either way it is a very fresh scent for a variety of uses.

For soaps, Diffuser Reeds, Lotions and creams and more.

Flash Point 176 F

IFRA: Typical uses (for more info request IFRA Certificate) Body Creams and Lotions Fragrance concentration allowed (FCA) <= (less than or equal to o) 4.26 %

Candles, Deodorizers, Potpourri, fragrance sachets, treated textiles, carpet fragrance, odored distilled water (like to add to steam irons for fragrances) Concentration level is unlimited.

Foot Care Products FCA < = 4.26%

Lip Products of all kinds No

Deodorant and Antiperspirant of all kinds FCA < = 1.12

Hydroalcoholic Products applied to unshaven skin, perfume kits, scent strips for hydroalcoholic products (scratch and sniff) and other paper products not mentioned elsewhere for such skin exposure < = 4.26 %

Facial Cream (excluding eye cream) < = 4.26 %

Liquid Soap, and Bar Soaps, and Body Washes of all kinds, Shaving Creams of all kinds < = 4.26 %

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