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Glycol Distearate for Pearl and Thickening 8 Oz

Glycol Distearate 8 Oz
Glycol Distearate 8 Oz
Item# Glycol-Distearate-8Oz
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Glycol Distearate 

Glycol Distearate, also commonly known as EGDS, Peralizing agent, and also Ethylene Glycol Distearate, is an easy to use pearlizing agent , opacifier, and even can be used to thicken. 

Glycol Distearate is and made by the reaction of stearic acid with EG to make a mixture of esters. It is an effective opacifier and pearlizier mainly because it is nearly insoluble in water based formulas.

Glycol Disterate is easy to use. Typical Usage rate is 1% to 2% in creams and lotion (O/W emulsion) products.  EGDS will contribute body, opacity and a soft velvety feel, and some thickening too, at higher usage levels (up to 10%) even  bringing the product towards a stiff paste consistency if used at a high level. Since it will add viscosity/ thickening properties you many not need to use any additional thickeners in your products. Just use it at 0.5% to 2.5% in aqueous products, like shampoos, shower and cleansing gels, body washes and other blends, for brilliant pearlescence results. Keep in mind,  consistent batch to batch pearlescent effects require formulation and manufacture under carefully controlled conditions.

It does take heat to incorporate Glycol Distearate, so you wil need to heat the batch to at least 70°C  to 75 C (167 F) and maintain this temperature until the glycol distearate (pearl) is completely melted and finely dispersed. As you continuously agitate / stir, let your batch cool to ambient room temperature.

If glycol distearate usage is at too high a level, excessive opacity will diminish the pearlescent effect. If incorporated at too low a level, solubilization by surfactants can result in either no pearlescence or delayed and excessively temperature-sensitive pearlescence (resulting in product that is, or becomes, hazy or murky).

Product Specifications -

  • INCI Name: Glycol Distearate 
  • Appearance - White to off while flake
  • Odor - characteristic mild fatty / wazy
  • Type Nonionic
  • Saponification Value (mg koh/g) 195
  • Acid Value mg KOH /g  195
  • HLB 1.5
  • Melting Point 62
  • Insoluble in Water
  • Soluble in Alcohol (Ethanol and Isopropyl), Cosmetic esters, vegetable oils (heated), mineral oil 

All components of Glycol Distearate are listed in the following countries as follows - Europe (EINECS 211-014-3), Japan (ENCS 2-2492), Canada (DSL 627-83-8), Australia (AICS 627-83-8), United States (TSCA 627-83-8), Korea (ECL Serial No KE-26369), Philippines (PICCS 627-83-8) and China (EICS Part 1).


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