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Vegetable Glycerin 55 Gallon Drum
Vegetable Glycerin 55 Gallon Drum
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Vegetable Derived All natural Glycerin 55 Gallon Drum

Pure Vegetable, VG Kosher Glycerin

All Vegetable derived Food Grade USP All natural 55 Gallon Drum

Water White all Clear viscous fluid.

Whatever your application, you will love the convenience of having your own drum available and ready to use.

Our glycerin is top grade, USP FOOD grade, ALL vegetable based. Suitable for cosmetics, lotions, creams, extracts and more.

To quote freight rate for the drum, to your door, we need to know if your "ship to" address is a residence or business, and whether you have a dock to unload or need lift gate service.

Don't get fooled buying Glycerin from companies that advertise that the best glycerin is from Bio-diesel production - that is false (and that they are a producer). It is the opposite, the very WORST quality Glycerin is the byproduct of Bio-diesel. And no side streams where glycerin is produced are used in the making of pharmaceuticals.

The best Glycerin, which is what we sell, is made on purpose and is NOT a side stream of any other process. Our Glycerin is water white and is pure and is made for the sole purpose of having the highest product quality glycerin. If you buy glycerin that you can not read a paper through and is a hazy color or yellow - that is a byproduct glycerin and is not suitable for personal care.

We may not be the least expensive, because we do not sell cheap side stream Glycerin. We sell only Vegetable derived, Pure Glycerin 99.7 that is water white. You can be assured you are always getting the best Glycerin from SaveonCitric no matter if you buy a quart or a truck load of glycerin.

We also offer an affordable drum dolly to move the drum around if needed, at an additional price.

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