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Additives, Clays, Exfoliants,Herbs, Salts

Additives, Clays, Herbs, Salts, Exfoliants

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Activated Charcoal Powder All SizesAllantoin Powder All SizesAloe Vera Leaf Powder 100X Freeze Dried Organic All Sizes
Apricot Shells Ground All SizesArrowroot Powder All SizesAscorbic Acid Vitamin C Powder All Sizes
Beet Powder Organic All SizesBentonite Clay All SizesButtermilk Powder All Sizes
Calamine PowderCatnip All SizesCellulose Fiber Corn Fiber
ChemConx Caff Plus All SizesCetiol G 16S Emollient All SizesChamomile Flowers All Sizes
Cocoa Nibs Raw All SizesColloidal Oatmeal NF Grade All SizesCorn Starch All Sizes
Cream of Tartar All SizesDendritic Salt All SizesDL-Panthenol All Sizes
Evening Primrose Oil with Gamma Linoleic Acid GLA All SizesFrench Green Clay All SizesFrench Red Clay Powder All Sizes
Goat Milk Powder All SizesHoneyquat All SizesInositol 25 kg 55 lb
Isopropyl Myristate All SizesJojoba Beads Kaolin Clay All Sizes
Kelp Powder All SizesLavender Flower Buds #1 Ultra Blue All SizesLavender Flower Buds #2 Extra All Sizes
Lemongrass, Cut All SizesLemon Peel 2 Oz
$2.85, 2/$4.00, 4/$8.00
Magnesium Myristate All Sizes
Magnesium Sulfate Epsom Salts All SizesMenthol Crystals All SizesMethyl Sulfonyl Methane MSM All Sizes
Morton Culinox 999 Salt All SizesMorton TFC 999 Salt 50 Lb
$54.00, 2/$102.50
Mugwort All Sizes
Natrasorb bath All SizesNeem Leaf Powder 4 Oz
$4.95, 2/$8.95, 4/$15.25
Omega 3 Oil All Sizes
Peppermint Dried
Pink Rose Petals 4 Oz
$4.95, 2/$7.55
Polyquaternium 7 All Sizes
Polyquaternium 10 All SizesPoppy Seeds 4 Oz
$4.25, 2/$6.95, 4/$11.75
Propylene Glycol Mono Stearate PGMS All Sizes
Pumice All Types and SizesSchizandra Berries All SizesSea Salt Coarse All Sizes
Sodium lactate 60% Liquid All SizesSpearmint, dried
Star Anise (whole) All Sizes
Tapioca Starch All sizesTitanium Dioxide White All SizesTocopherol T-50 Natural Vitamin E All Sizes
Walnut Shells Ground 8 Oz
White Willow Bark Cut and Sifted All SizesYarrow Flower Achillea Millefolium (dried) All Sizes
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