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Unrefined Hempseed Oil Quart Bottle

Hempseed Oil Quart
Hempseed Oil Quart
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Hemp Oil

Hempseed oil


Pure Hemp oil Unrefined


Color: Dark Green to blackish green

Aroma: Faintly nutty, typical aroma

Hempseed oil, unrefined, is used in a variety of ways, including, cosmetics, lotions, creams, shampoos, soaps, oil based scrubs and lip care products.

Pure Unrefined, Hemp Oil is one of the best oils you will ever use.

LOADED with good stuff your body, mind and spirit need for healthy living. Its uses have been documented back to ancient China.

Unrefined Hempseed oil contains the perfect 1:3 ratio of Omega 3 and 6 Essential Fatty Acids including 2-4% GLA. Has a very rich sunflower / walnut flavor.

Hemp seed oil is a rich source of both Omega 6 and Omega 3 essential fatty acids and Vitamin E. It also contains small amounts of the polyunsaturated fats Gamma-Linolenic Acid , Oleic acid, and Stearidonic acid. It is about 75 to 80% polyunsaturated fatty acid (the good fat) and only 9 to 11% of the lesser desired saturated fatty acids. Hemp seeds contains a total of about 40% oil blending together the benefits of edible vegetable oils and marine fish oils.

Hemp seed oil is recognized by the World Health Organization as a natural anti-oxidant and source for the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs).

Pure unrefined Hemp Oil comes from the hemp plant or cannabis plant.

It is the choice oil to be added to massage lotions- or use it by itself, since Pure Hemp Oil is often found to be excellent for sensitive skin.

When used in soapmaking, usage is typically 12% by weight or less.

SAP VALUES for Soapmaking KOH .193 NaOH .137

Refrigeration is suggested to extend the shelf life of the oil.

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