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Hummingbird Green Mica

Hummingbird Green Mica 1 Oz
Hummingbird Green Mica 1 Oz
Item# hummngbird_greenmica1

Hummingbird Green is a deep, colorful and stunning green, just like the colors on a hummingbird and every time the light catches it, or you move - the color changes again to a beautiful stunning blue green! Never the same color twice!

This stunning dark green and blue color is composed of a synthetic mica (fluorphlogopite) coated in titanium and tin oxides. This is a synthetic fluorphlogopite mica.

Synthetic mica has many advantages to natural mica such as a higher purity, higher durability and more weather proof, plus added luster, and is more stable when exposed to a harsh, high temperature. So if you are making a cosmetic line and need a base the synthetic micas are a great place to start. Synthetic micas can be used around eyes an on lips too. So you can dream up all kinds of exciting color combinations for effects, sparkle and glitter.

All of our great colors work well alone, or they can provide excellent shades, hues, and effects blended them together!

Concentrations to be used vary on the formulation you are trying to make. For example, liquid soap will require less colorant whereas compact powders will require much more.

Cosmetic Applications: Bath Bombs 0.5 to 10% Hair Spray, Shampoo, Perfume 0.1-10.0% Body Lotions & Creams 1.0-5.0% Vanishing Cream 2.0-5.0% Blush & Foundation 2.0-10.0% Makeup Powders 5.0-10.0% Lipstick & Lip gloss 5.0-10.0% Eyeshadow Pencils & Eyeliner Pens 2.0-15.0% Nail Polish 2.0-20.0% Eyeshadow 10.0-40.0% Soaps - synthetic micas do not work very well in most soap making processes. Typically they are used in only melt and pour soaps. In cold process type soaps the lye typically turns synthetic mica to an unappealing gray

The synthetic micas also work well as a colorant in bath bombs to give them extra sparkle and pop. Blue Green Mica and other synthetic micas are great for bath bombs and soaps to give them a nice glitter effect in the products and also try it on top of bath bombs and primarily melt and pour soaps! Great addition for sparkle and shine!

*Synthetic Mica Typically not used in CP or HP Soap

INCI: Fluorphlogopite (synthetic Mica), Titanium dioxide, Tin dioxide- Chromium oxide green

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