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Hydrion Insta-Chek pH Paper 0-13

Hydrion Insta-Chek 0-13 pH Paper
Hydrion Insta-Chek 0-13 pH Paper
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Hydrion Insta-Chek pH Paper 0 - 13 pH

Excellent for wide range, general purpose pH testing.

Has a distinct color match at each full pH unit:[0.0][1.0][2.0][3.0][4.0][5.0][6.0][7.0][8.0][9.0][10.0][11.0][12.0][13.0].

The Hydrion Insta-Chek pH Papers provide:

A direct reading pH paper with the widest range available on a single paper A simple, easy to use single color match for all pH values Very distinct, easily matched color separations Highly Accurate, reproducible readings with an immediate response

So easy to use Simply tear off a small strip of pH paper, dip into the test solution, then instantly compare the resulting color with the matching pH color chart.

Hydrion Wide Range pH Paper is a general use pH paper.

Used in a wide variety of applications including:

Chemistry, Classroom Demonstrations, Hospital Laboratories, General Laboratories, Industrial Testing, Food Service, Safety Testing, Emergency Testing, Agricultural Testing

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