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Kokum Butter 8 Oz and 1 Lb

Kokum Butter 8 oz or 1 Lb
Kokum Butter 8 oz or 1 Lb
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Kokum Butter

INCI: Garcinia Indica

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Kokum butter is a yellowish butter that is produced from the seeds from the Kokum tree in South India. It is sometimes used in the place of cocoa butter due to its triglyceride composition.

Kokum butter is also known for its high traces of vitamin E and antioxidants. It has a high oxidative stability and known to be a high quality moisturizer.

Kokum butter is used in a wide variety of make-up, sunscreens, massage creams, and many other skin care products.

This is for the 8 Oz size, if you purchase two (1 Lb) the price break will show up in the cart automatically.

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