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Large Miter Box for Soap cutting On Sale!
Large Miter Box for Soap cutting On Sale!
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Large Miter Box for Accurate soap cutting Made in the USA of top quality stainless steel

Our new stainless steel miter box designed for slicing loaf or tube soaps. Five slots are evenly spaced one-inch apart. You can easily cut 1 inch bars, 2 inch bars, or use the slots for making multiple cuts before having to move the soap. Very convenient. This larger size is perfect for holding an large soap loaf in place while slicing the individual bars without having the soap loaf become uneven.

The large miter box works perfectly with our Crinkle Cut, or the straight soap cutter to ensure even, easy slicing.

Measures 10.5 inches Long X 4.5/8 wide, x 3 1/2″ high. Slide loaf soap in to the box.The lipped end-stop keeps soap in place while cutting. For use with any standard soap loaf that is poured and cured with standard soap making forms and molds. Either stainless steel miter box you choose will help you make beautiful clean straight cuts! Use with our great cutters!

*IF YOU ADD THE SOAP CUTTERS - the straight or the curvy crinkle cut one In this product Option, the price of the cutter is at a discount, cost will increase with the cutter you select.

We have great Wholesale pricing options available on soap miter boxes if you buy more than 10

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