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Lanolin 8 Oz

Lanolin Anhydrous 8 Oz
Lanolin Anhydrous 8 Oz
Item# Lanolin
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Our lanolin is always top Quality, Lanolin USP AND a great value. LANOLIN is used in all types of soaps, creams, lotions and so many other skin care products. It is an all natural skin protectant, has natural water repelling properties. It is really considered by many to be a a wax.

It is secreted by the glands of the skin of all wool bearing animals. Lanolin, also known by the terms "wool wax," or wool grease, " has been used by humans for ages. Lanolin comes naturally from domestic sheep breeds that are raised specifically for their wool. Chemically, lanolin is comprised of sterol esters instead. One of the chief uses of lanolin is for skin protection and waterproofing since pure anhydrous lanolin has excellent innate natural waterproofing properties.


8 Oz

Lanolin Anhydrous lanolin (a/k/a wool fat, wool wax) has excellent moisture binding and humectant properties.Makes an ideal ingredient for creams, lotions, bar soaps and treatment products where enhanced moisture retention is desired. Adds moisturizing attributes to cosmetics, toiletries and OTC pharmaceuticals.

Melting point 40-48 deg. C / 104-118.4 deg.F

SAP value

KOH 80

NaOH 120.

Characteristics: Characteristic thick, pale yellow to brownish gold / yellow. Typical natural lanolin Odor

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