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Lauramine Oxide Lauryl Amine Oxide 5 gallon

Lauramine Oxide 5 Gallon
Lauramine Oxide 5 Gallon
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Lauramine Oxide 5 Gallon
Lauramine Oxide also known as Lauryl Amine Oxide

Top performing surfactant. Used in so many ways to create excellent foaming cleaners for pressure washing and more. Stable in Bleach (Chlorine) & Acids as well. This stability means the Lauramine Oxide is often used with a variety of anionic, nonionic & cationic surfactants and co surfactants to make even tough formulations foam. 5 Gallon Pail

Lauramine Oxide or Lauryl Dimethyl Amine Oxide Surfactant

Clear to Amber Liquid

Appx 8.02 Lb per Gallon +-

Soluble in Water

pH of 10% Aqueous Solution is 6.5 to 8

Pour Point 14 F

CAS 1643-20-5

  • Washes and Cleaners
  • Power washer formulas
  • Body Washes
  • Alkaline and Acid Cleaners
  • Bleach Cleaners
  • Bubble and foam formulations
  • Car and Truck Wash Soaps
  • Dishwash Detergents
  • Facial Cleansers
  • Foam Booster
  • Green Products
  • Industrial cleaners
  • Roof washes and
  • and House washes ( 1 quart to 50 gallons of bleach typically)

  • CLASS: Amine Oxide

    DFE Approved Surfactant - Designed for the Environment by the EPA

    Not Regulated by DOT in Any Quantity


    Synonyms: Lauryl Amine Oxide , Lauric Amine Oxide, LAO,Lauramine Oxide, Laura Amine Oxide, amphoteric surfactant

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