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Leucidal Liquid 1 Pound

Leucidal Liquid 1 Lb
Leucidal Liquid 1 Lb
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Leucidal Liquid is a preservative from Active Micro Technologies that combines the current trends for alternative preservative systems and peptide technology. Derived from radishes fermented with Leuconostoc kimchii, a lactic acid.

1 Pound

The preservative is derived from iisolated peptide secreted from the bacteria during the fermentation process that has been shown to have antimicrobial benefits For many cosmetic formulations Leucidal® Liquid, a water soluble easy to use preservative can function as a natural alternative to synthetic preservatives.

As with all biological materials, attention must paid to the conditions under which Leucidal® Liquid is used. Based on bench-scale evaluations, and actual product applications, Leucidal® Liquid has been found to be effective over a wide range of typical cosmetic and personal care product manufacturing conditions. The product has been found to be heat stable up to 70°C and active under both acidic (pH 3) and basic conditions (pH 8).

INCI: Leuconostoc/Radish Root Ferment Filtrate

Challenge testing shows that 2% Leucidal® Liquid in a cream base is able to successfully inhibit microbial growth. Samples were inoculated with S. aureus, E. coli, P. aeruginosa, C. albicans, A. niger, K. pneumoniae, B. cepacia. Following 28 days of incubation samples were then re-inoculated for an additional 28 days. Minimum Inhibitory Concentrations (MIC) were determined using a standard agar dilution method. A variety of bacteria and fungus were tested to evaluate the ability of Leucidal® Liquid to protect against microbial contamination. The results indicate that Leucidal Liquid can provide effective protection for certain cosmetic systems.

Are you wanting a full spectrum preservative system - add AMTicide® Coconut for protection against yeast and mold! (We offer it as well)

It may also be useful as a topical antimicrobial when addressing problem skin or scalp conditions. While it has only a slight odor, it will impart some color to clear cosmetic products, although it is still possible to formulate "white" emulsions.

Some Suggested Applications: Antimicrobial for preservation of formulations, Moisturization, Skin/Scalp Conditioning

Key Advantages and Benefits
  • Broad spectrum of antibacterial activity
  • Naturally derived
  • INCI name promotes natural derived
  • Effective
  • Water soluble
  • Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients.
  • Virtually odorless
  • Heat stable to 60°C (140°F)
  • Very mild, with low to no irritation potential
  • ECOCert Approved for use in ECOCert Certified Organic products
  • Compatible with a wide range of cosmetic ingredients. (NOT Compatible with some cationic ingredients such as Cosmocil CQ)
  • Typically added to emulsions during cool-down phase to avoid destabilization issues.

    The manufacturer recommends you submit formulations for stability and microbial “challenge”testing to ensure your formulation has adequate preservation, stability and shelf life. For more complete broad spectrum preservative effectiveness to inhibit yeast and mold use the Leucidal Liquid combined with the AMTicide Coconut.

    Application rate: The manufacturer, Active Micro Concepts recommends a usage rate of 2.0 - 4.0% for this preservative.

    Recommended Usage Level: 2.0% - 4.0% pH (as supplied): 4.0 - 6.0

    Appearance: Clear to slightly hazy yellow to light amber liquid Solubility: Soluble in water, glycerin and propylene glycol, immiscible with oils. Shelf Life: 12 months

    Storage and Use: Sealed container away from sunlight. Do not freeze, store at or near room temperature. Mix well prior to use; may sediment on standing.

    Leucidal® Liquid is:
  • EcoCert Approved as an approved ingredient preservative for use in Organic Products
  • Cleared and Approved for use in Whole Foods as an Acceptable Premium Preservative

    1 Pound

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