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Helpful information.
Colors that go in to cosmetics are regulated by the FDA.
Check the links below for helpful information about the products and colors used that are regulated by the FDA, if you make products to sell.
If you have questions or comments about our products email us at contact@thechemistryconnection.com We do not answer questions about FDA regulations. The links are here to help you become familiar with some of the regulations that may cover products, and colors in products you make for resale.
FDA list of Products many people inquire about.

Color Additives Permitted for Use in Cosmetics

Colors that are Ok in Cosmetics, Need batch certification, do not need batch certification, are here

It is up to the formulator/ seller of finished goods to take care to have their products in regulatory compliance. If you additional assistance consult a specialist or contact the regulatory agency to get up to date, correct information. We do not answer questions about regulations.


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