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Mineral Oil 90 Viscosity NF

Mineral Oil 90 Viscosity NF
Mineral Oil 90 Viscosity NF
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Mineral Oil 90 Viscosity NF Grade / Formulating Grade

Synonyms: White Mineral Oil 90, Liquid Paraffin, Liquid Petrolatum,Sonneborn Blandol

CAS #8042-47-5


White Mineral Oil 90 Viscosity is an odorless, tasteless, colorless white mineral oil.

Our pure White Mineral Oil can be used as : divider oil and pan oil for bakery doughs; food grade protective coatings, machinery lubrication/cleaning, tobacco processing, dust suppression in grain storage; personal care ointments, lotions, oils, creams, hair preparations, make-up;make up removers; veterinary ointments, creams; textile manufacturing and other specialty industries.

Food, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Pet Care

* We also have 70 Vis / Weight Mineral Oil, and 350 Weight Mineral oil. In all sizes.

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