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Salt,pure Sodium Chloride,Culinox 999 High Purity Salt 5 Lb

Salt Morton Culinox 999 Salt 5 Lb
Salt Morton Culinox 999 Salt 5 Lb
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Culinox High Purity Salt

INCI: Salt, Sodium Chloride

Synonyms: Culinox 999 High Purity Salt

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High Purity, Kosher Salt, White Crystalline Use Culinox 999 anywhere you need a high purity sodium chloride / salt that meets stringent FCC standards. Culinox 999 Food Grade Salt is high purity ,FCC food grade salt granulated sodium chloride. It is manufactured under stringent standards in vacuum pans from a chemically purified brine.

Use in lab tests. Excellent for thickening sulfate surfactant systems.

Per the technical data (see link) crystals are cubic in structure. The special brine treatment, crystallizing technique and post crystallizing washing substantially reduce calcium, magnesium , iron and copper and other heavy metals, sulfate and carbonate impurities. High purity helps assure consistent saltiness intensity and there are stringent standards on visible, insoluble , extraneous material.

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