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Monoi de Tahiti Oil 4 Oz

Monoi de Tahiti oil 4 Oz
Monoi de Tahiti oil 4 Oz
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(pronounced Mah-noy) Monoi De Tahiti Oil


INCI: Coconut oil (and) Tiare Flower)

Uniquely combines the special coconut oils from Tahiti with their special Gardenia in a process called "Enfleurage, a natural extraction process," producing a light, golden oil, rich in active compounds from the Tire flower." Pure, Monoi De Tahiti oil from Tahiti

Famous for their youthful skin and lustrous hair, Tahitians have used MONOI DE TAHITI daily to hydrate, protect their skin & condition their hair. The original MONOI DE TAHITI oil is such a unique oil. Monoi is an ancient Tahitian word meaning "scented oil" in the reo-maohi language.

This all natural skin care product is made from the Tiare Gardenia blossoms and special coconut extract from the Cocos Nuncifera variety.

The combination of these locally grown flora act as a natural barrier against dehydration that can cause wrinkles and protects the skin against sun and wind damage. Extensive tests and analysis over the last few years are validating the long standing traditional claims of MONOI DE TAHITIŽ. It's skin hydrating qualities are shown to be superior to those of other natural vegetable oils. Only the result, of tiare soaking in coconut oil, can be called MONOI. Only from Tahiti, and only manufactured using specific & particular guidelines, known as decree 92-340. Product made to this special decree can use the "Appelation de Origine".

This unique oil holds a special place in the hearts of not only the people of Polynesian, but all who use it! Used by the Polynesians for centuries in their holistic approach to health and medicine, as well as in their personal care. More than just a beauty product.

Just a few of the uses for this wonderful oil are:Hot Oil Treatments for skin and hair

# Add to Massage Oils

# After Sun Care

# Gentle moisturizing

# Add to creams and lotions for custom products

# Hair Care

# Rejuvenation

# More!

Monoi De Tahiti is made by soaking a special coconut oil (from coconuts growing in rich volcanic Polynesian soil) in Gardenia Taitensis (a particular Tahitian Gardenia found in French Polynesia) blossoms (the process is called "Enfleurage")creating a sweet sensous fragrance rich in many saturated fatty acids (mainly lauric).

Our pure Monoi de Tahiti brings an essence of soul to your formulations. Monoi De Tahiti is an oil used in so many ways, meeting so many needs! Looking for a wonderful oil for massage oil , or massage oil ingredient? Want the best moisturizing? Love warm oil hair treatments? Need a wonderful addition to a base for creams, lip sticks/balms? All can be had in this wonderful oil from Tahiti! You will receive technical information and "How to use" instructions for these & other applications with your purchase!

This unique oil come to us exclusively from Tahiti in the French Polynesians, which is in the middle of the world's largest desert -the Pacific Ocean! It is made up of 5 archipelagos counting 120 islands with a surface comparable to that of Europe. The amazing and abundant, diverse flora gets its nutritous makeup from the salts drawn from the ocean depths. Many varieties of plants, like the "Tiare" Gardenia are found no place else on earth! The Polynesians have perfected the art of Monoi over the centuries and our oil is the wonderful result!

Please note:

# The bottle shown is the clear PET 8 oz to show the wonderful Monoi oil in a warmed, state. It is a beautiful clear golden color when warmed. In cooler weather the oil will be a white waxy color. Just warm it up slowly, by warming the bottle in warm water to use. .

We may ship in white bottle depending on our package supply.

# Other sizes? Yes, we carry gallon, 32 oz, or 4 oz bottle.

This is for the 4 oz size, if you purchase two (8 Oz) the price break will show up in the cart automatically.

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