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Montanov 68 4 Oz

Montanov 68 4 Oz
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Montanov 68 is Cetearyl glucoside and cetearyl alcohol is a non ionic, natural emulsifier derived from sustainable resources. It is a non-GMO product too. Montanov 68 is produced by combining glucose derived from extracted cassava and fat extracted from coconut oil. It is considered a "liquid crystal emulsifier," which will create an opalescent rather than bright white appearance in lotions and creams.

A few benefits of using Montanov 68 is that it's compatible with cationic ingredients, like Honeyquat. And it works well in a pH range of pH 3 to 12, so you can easily make products like facial moisturizers with AHAs and bleaching or depilatory creams. Lotions and creams made with Montanov 68 are often described as being more moisturizing and "lighter" on the skin than those made with non-liquid crystal emulsifiers, like Emulsifying Wax NF / E wax.

4 Oz Size. If you choose two, the 8 oz Package, a tiered discount for 8 oz will shop up in cart.

Stable in formulation in pH range 3 - 12

Appearance: Waxy, white.

Recommended Usage Rate: 1% - 6% by weight

Ingredient Function: Self emulsifying base.

Shelf Life: 2 years

100% vegetable derived.

Method of Extraction: Cetyl stearyl alcohol with glucose conversion at increased temperature followed by distillation.

Country of Origin: USA

HS# 3906900000

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