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Lip Balm Tubes .15 Oz with caps

Natural Lip Balm Tubes with cap
Natural Lip Balm Tubes with cap
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.15 Oz Natural finish Lip Balm Tubes with caps.

Nice Natural finish Lip balm Tubes with excellent elevator mechanism.

Tubes have a nice flat, natural finish surface to provide professional, cosmetic appearance and label retention.

Small radius edge and flattop on cap provide a sharp appearance. "Snap retention" cap design assures secure fitting and allows easy on/off motion for users.

Carefully calculated volume accepts a variety of lip balm recipes from 4.25 to 4.35 grams to prevent waste.

Tube cap is included.

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* We also have Filling Trays and Shrink Bands for the Lip Balm Tubes.

* More sizes, colors and Quantities available.

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