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Palm Kernel Oil Flakes 25 Lb

Palm Kernel Oil Flakes 25 Lb Box
Palm Kernel Oil Flakes 25 Lb Box
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Palm Kernel Oil Flakes

25 Lb Box

INCI Name: Elaeis Guineensis (Palm) Oil

Palm Kernel Oil Flakes are great for soapmaking! Easy to use and store.

Palm oil is produced from the fruit of the oil palm, or Elaeis Guinnesis tree. Our Palm oil kernel flakes are refined without the use of chemical solvents.

Uses: Palm oil flakes are used in cold process soap to add to the hardness of the bar and is typically replaced for tallow in all vegetable oil recipes. Often used in place of coconut oil in many applications! SAP VALUES- KOH is .250 NAOh is .178

We sell only the finest oils available. You can be assured our oils are fresh, 100% Pure, top quality, undiluted, & professional quality.

Palm Kernel oil flakes 25 Lb ships UPS

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